Wednesday, 4 November 2015

how to define MEANINGFUL

Posted by mitchelle jinn at 11:39
Today I attended youth alive conference.I know that every time I attend AIESEC activities, I force myself to step out of my comfort zone. What I gained and learnt the most was from session You rule your Kingdom .There was a  facilitator,Vincent, he said that before that his life was bored-everyday woke up , attended lectures, after that doing assignments, having test, everyday continue such routines.  One day, he realized he only thought of himself. He asked himself did he done any impact to society by doing assignments or going to lectures? After joining AIESEC , he realized as a youth , he can also contribute to society. He was concerned about the poverty, so as an engineer, he built a system which produces high quantity of mushroom and then sold to others to gain profit and donated  to the poor .He has successfully done it in smaller scale , and this will also be his FYP . In future, he plan to bring his project into markets and continue for the donation kind acts. Yes, this is his action . Everyone can make a change to society with only small action because this will produce ripple effect. Another session which inspired me a lot is sharing session from the ex exchange students. I like the story from Jaya. She went exchange programme in China for education project. This project was to teach audism children. She shared that she was a person who like to stay at comfort zone. This exchange program me really is the best way to force herself out of comfort zone. Although there were hardships in teaching such children but at the end she felt really meaningful. Yeap, MEANINGFUL.  I got new understanding towards this word through her sharing. Through exchange program me she gained a lot of experiences and also  have  interesting and meaningful stories to share with others instead of just the topics about the schools -achievement in exam results etc.  We can only live a meaningful life by empowering others. Yeah, everyday wake up I suppose to ask myself what can I do today to  bring impact to society instead of thinking of going to lectures... Yeah, I think before that I am too focus on myself until neglecting issues that happened around me.   Its time to step out of comfort zone. I hope this motivation will continue within me.   This is my biggest learning of today.


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