Monday, 26 May 2014

A diary

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There are many good things that happen around us but sometimes we just like the blind people.
We keep on searching and admiring the things that other people have.
And for me, i have think before why this world is so unfair.
I am struggling and make myself not happy.  
But when i think clearly, i wonder why i want to think the fact that cannot change .
Instead, we suppose to start action but not think so much. This is the only way one can change the destiny, right?
This is what i read from a book --- Remember, the most important things in life is dont lose hope! and always show your ethusiasm towards life !   Life can be simple & enjoyable.  ya, this is what i want to learn:) Always be cheerful and let your smile change the world  :)

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Time flies

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Remember , last year december finish the first term exam
and the second term exam just finish last week , time flies~~
Now , third term is going to unfold~  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED :)


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多少個哀傷的夜晚,那個人早睡著了,心裡放下你了,你卻還醒著,像做夢般晃在幽暗寂寞的街上,去哪裡都好,做什麼都好,被誰收留都好,就是不想回家,也害怕回去,好害怕一個人回到家裡睡不著。失戀的夜晚太漫長,誰能夠一直陪著你?─── 《#那些为你无眠的夜晚#》

在愛情裡,有誰不曾自覺偉大?我們既偉大,也卑微。偉大,因為我如此愛你;卑微,因為我沒有辦法不去愛你。─── 《#那些为你无眠的夜晚#》



Monday, 12 May 2014


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v :

对不起, 我又开始想你, 虽然已经答应过你分手后过各自的生活, 可是思念来时,我无法控制。 那些美好的回忆好像真的烙印在我心, 是你说忘掉就能忘的吗?
在我们一起的那些时光, 你懂我有多幸福吗, 那时候我对你说我是全世界最幸福的女人
可是你说分手后的那天, 我就像跌进深谷里, 我努力爬出去, 在那过程,我很挣扎,我哭,我擦干眼泪

a woman cry because she love you

你懂我爱你吗,分手后, 我更能确定我是真心的爱你。。。


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