Monday, 26 May 2014

A diary

Posted by mitchelle jinn at 07:36

There are many good things that happen around us but sometimes we just like the blind people.
We keep on searching and admiring the things that other people have.
And for me, i have think before why this world is so unfair.
I am struggling and make myself not happy.  
But when i think clearly, i wonder why i want to think the fact that cannot change .
Instead, we suppose to start action but not think so much. This is the only way one can change the destiny, right?
This is what i read from a book --- Remember, the most important things in life is dont lose hope! and always show your ethusiasm towards life !   Life can be simple & enjoyable.  ya, this is what i want to learn:) Always be cheerful and let your smile change the world  :)


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