Thursday, 2 January 2014


Posted by mitchelle jinn at 02:43 0 comments
yesterday night ,i make an extremely scary dream . I still remember that the green giant who was the main character of a movie want to kill me.  He came to my old home only to find me. He destroyed everything surround him. When i knew his coming, i  ran and hid myself under my bed.  My heart beat very fast because i was really afraid. The most scary moment come  , the door open , my heartbeat even faster. The sound came nearer. I cant  describe  using words how afraid i was .  The giant's angry face who looked at me really scary. I wanted to cry. My heartbeat so so fast. I awake. I look around for a few times. Thanks that it is only a dream.   Why i make such scary dream? What is the meaning of the dream ?I want to know...... I am confused.  


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