Saturday, 28 December 2013


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A year where there are  lots of memories
During January  until March i had attended a post -SPM programme at SMK Sacred Heart school.    There, i have recognized a lot of awesome friends.  We have class gathering and  outing to Belawai which i really enjoy .

Almost the month of May, a special person walked into my life.  Although that person walked out then, but i would like to say thank you as ever make my world bright like a shining star . We  met at the wrong time.

After all, the first term of STPM was started.  Everyday we all  busy with homework and co-curriculum .One event that i still remember is that my team got the champion in school organized Squash Competition~ haha~~

And now, the first term end and the second term of STPM is going to unfold ~  Fighting  ^^

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Do you ever done this during your childhood?  (hehe, i am the one :) )      

Thursday, 26 December 2013

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This is my cute L6S2 classmates~ There are many nicknames given for them~   Ah teh,四剑客, 绵羊, 还有四千金 (哈哈哈!)

And this is my Librarian Board  friends  ~~ I love them  ~~  Also, there are many nicknames for them, 寄生虫(喜欢黏着别人的,haha~~), 老千(每次说不会做,结果考出好成绩的), 数绿豆的(竟然能没睡只为了数出两千多粒的绿豆),一对基佬(呵呵),还有一个关于吃的问她就是了~~
还有我们的老大,  个子矮矮的,呵呵~  


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   you walk into my life
               without any concious
    give me happiness and thinking i am the most blessing girl in the world

but  you simply walk out of  my life later
                        made me lost like a sheep
and realize true emptiness of life without you near me
now , i slowly learn to live without you,
             thanks to my friends for accompanying me to pass through those sorrow moments
I am always blessed by God

    sometime will miss you
               maybe i havent put down totally
but i will try  to put down little by little

I will wait patiently my Mr. right
                No matter need how much time to wait
as long as someone that have faith to me
                    If not such guy, I prefer to be a single
because my heart cant be hurt again
          The pain is UNFORGETTABLE
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I love green very much  :)  Beautiful colour~~   Feel good everytime i see green colour~~

I love Nasi Lemak very much:) especially sambal that taste sweet and little spicy~~ oh yeah,delicious right?? 
                           YUMMY YUMMY ~~~

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I have think of what to be in the future these few days.  I am sure that i want to be an engineer but  i am not sure i am truly interest in which fields of engineering . chemical? civil?mechanical? electonics? i think its very important to do something you interest and a work that you really enjoy in it. If not, u will feel tired and stress .    
i hope i can find the answer in next year-what i am really interest field of engineering.   God, please guide me

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Welcome to my world :D
Call me mitchelle :)
i m 18
and i like this quotes , "Life is a journey, enjoy it"
Its great to record all joys and sorrows moments in life in the blog
so that you can recall them
and read your life journey one day :)


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