Thursday, 26 December 2013


Posted by mitchelle jinn at 08:53
   you walk into my life
               without any concious
    give me happiness and thinking i am the most blessing girl in the world

but  you simply walk out of  my life later
                        made me lost like a sheep
and realize true emptiness of life without you near me
now , i slowly learn to live without you,
             thanks to my friends for accompanying me to pass through those sorrow moments
I am always blessed by God

    sometime will miss you
               maybe i havent put down totally
but i will try  to put down little by little

I will wait patiently my Mr. right
                No matter need how much time to wait
as long as someone that have faith to me
                    If not such guy, I prefer to be a single
because my heart cant be hurt again
          The pain is UNFORGETTABLE


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