Thursday, 25 June 2015

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偶尔 会想拥有那种被呵护的温暖感觉
但是啊 现实告诉我我已经长大了 成熟了 该照顾好自己 该独立了

所谓的情 是空虚 虚空 空 空 空

嗯。。再过两个月就要上大学了  虽然不知道该怎么装备自己  可是我想就尽量学习现在可以学习的 如英文,看一些正能量的书提高自己修养 相信或多或少会帮助我远离世界的尘埃  现在就给自己打气  mitchelle大学加油 !挑战自己 挑战极限 不要忘记最初的梦想! 大步大步的 轻快的 走向梦想与成功的那条路  相信绝对刺激;-)

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Precious gift -friendship

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Friends are the one who accompany us to endure the ups and down in life. Friendship is hard to die. Yesterday I had a reunion dinner with my secondary school friends. When we talked about the things that happened in the past , all interesting , stupid , sweet  moments made us excited and non stop talking. Although there is a friend who only be with us for two years and after that she moved to other state to continue her study, but the two years memories are enough for us to talk about . We talked how and when we began our friendships , and the things that we had done in school during form 1 and form 2. I still remember that our class was too active and talkative that time and teachers always complained about us. These two years maybe I think is our miniature rebellious time but we still were good students , haha. These two years can be considered as our honeymoon years. In fact, these were the years with the most memories and I think we will never forget about them forever. After the jovial friends gathering,  I have a food for thought. In life , we should do something crazy or sometimes break the rules (i mean not very serious rules)which restrain our freedom at least one time! AND finally u will realize that it will be the most memorable moments in your life and you will have abundant things to talk about  when u are old in future. There is one clinche- eat , drink and merry , for tomorrow we die. This remind me to love and appreciate the moments with friends because as we all know, sometimes we may encounter a bolt from the blue in life.
Yesterday I was asked by teacher what is important quality of friends and I answered sincerity. I dislike friends with two -faced and only approach me when they need me . I had ever experienced this and all I can say is too hypocrite. I know there are many people like these in this realistic society , but whenever u feel too dark and cold , friends remind us that there is also warmth in the world.  Friends are like the pure water which wash away all the dirty things around us .  Whenever u are crestfallen, friends are the one who get your feet back on the ground.
        Friends are valuable gift from God, making us walk on air always in life:-)

Thursday, 4 June 2015

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Sometimes , your face light up  with smile , a sincere and no worry pure smile, you are happy , u love the moments , u feel good .
However , just after that , u feel is this real? U may feel that it is a luxury to have such feeling . Then , u will have a sense of guilty , wallow you in worry as well as  feel insecure.  There will be numerous unexpected challenges for you to tackle of that may bring you down sometimes.   And  u say to yrself , no, no way , you should get yr feet back on the ground    ,keep moving

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