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         There are things in the world that are unpredictable. Sure, many of us have ever think to have a power of prediction. This is because we can predict whether we are rich in the future. We can also predict whether a relationship can be lasted forever. However, i cannot imagine how dull the world would be if we can predict something. If the results of our prediction are good, we will become lazy and ego. We think that no hard works are needed to get a better future.  Oppositely, we may loss hope if the results are bad. We think that our destiny cannot be changed anymore.

       Love is unpredictable. There is a girl, an ordinary 18-year-old and plain-looking girl who is a new student in Seal College. Today is going to be her first day in this new school. She is quite nervous because she comes to a new environment with no one recognize her. After taking her breakfast, she departs from her home which only takes her for a few minutes.

      She pulls her car in the car park near the school gate. It is still early when she arrives. There are 30 minutes before the first period starts. So, she decides to walk around the school compound. She sees some students chatting with friends near the corridor outside their classes, Some hardworking students are doing revision in the class. There are even some boys and girls have a date with their partner in the class.  No one realizes her presence. She feels that she is invisible to someone. Her heart fills up with loneliness.

      The sky is dark and rain starts to pour down heavily. She stops and looks up the sky. Although she is lonely but she likes to be alone. She thinks that relationships make life miserable and terrible. She was once hurt deeply by a guy.She loved him so much, too much , more than she loved herself. Her heart bled at every silent night. Missing him made her felt guilty. Crying was the only way to relieve her pain. Since then, she becomes cold. She does not believe anyone anymore. She thinks that there is no love other than parents' love for her.

      Until today, something changes her. As she enters the class, she is assigned by her teacher to sit beside a guy .She walks towards her desk and sits down. The guy greets her with a warm smile. She smiles back. For the first time since her heart being frozen , she smiles so naturally. Her heart starts to melt.

        " Hello , my name is Ben Muller. Call me Ben. Nice to meet you", the guy says.
        She then introduces herself to Ben. Then, Maths lesson starts. She could feels that Ben keeps on looking at her. She feels uncomfortable but happy as finally there is someone knows her.She cannot focus to the lesson. Then, she turns her head slightly towards Ben. Their eye meet with each other. Now she is sure that Ben looks at her. Her heart pounds so quickly. His smile make her breathless. Her mind becomes empty.

        Time flies. After a month, they can talk everything from their hobby to their family. They  become inseparable. They have strong feelings towards each other. One day, after the school, Ben asks her to stay in the class. He says  that he has prepared lunch for her. He takes  out a container from his bag.

        " I have put all my courage inside, hope that after you open it, you are happy to see it," Ben says and passes the container to her.

       She feels weird that the container is extremely light. She then opens it with curious. She sees a piece of folded color paper . She opens it and reads.

        Since the first sight i see you, i think  that i fall in love with you. After i knew more about you, i am sure that you are the girl i like. I do not want to promise you that i love you forever. I know that only actions and time can prove that. Can you open your heart for the last time for me?  I believe i can heal your heart which has once being broken. Just believe me. I love you. Can you be my girlfriend?

          Tears rolls down to her cheeks,

         " Yes, i love you too", she says .

         Indeed, love is unpredictable. It happens at anywhere and at anytime.It starts with only a smile or greets.




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